What is raw food?

Is it a diet or lifestyle? I prefer to call it a lifestyle. You can start incorporating some raw foods into the meals you are already eating. I noticed that as I added one raw food after another, I felt fabulous and had more energy and vitality! So I added more raw food and here I am eating mostly raw food about 75%‐80% of the time!

The answer to the question what is raw food? Raw food consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds not cooked over 115 degrees, where most enzymes are lost!

What are enzymes?

What happens when food is heated over 115 degrees? When we heat our food over 115 degrees, we start to loose the enzymes that are in the food as well as vitamins, minerals and other proteins. The enzymes are made up of various proteins and are an important part of various functions in our body. If you eat food with the raw food in tact then your body doesn’t have to work so hard to digest that food.

Benefits of Raw Food Lifestyle

You can easily incorporate raw food ingredients that will increase focus, boost energy, feel vibrant and tantalize your taste! I found that my skin developed a glow, my energy increased and I felt happier!