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Eat Quick And Easy Healthy Snacks With Grab-n-Go “Raw Foods”

You’re so stressed and overwhelmed with your busy schedule.  You want so much to include healthy snacks in your family’s meals, but don’t know how to fit them into your busy day.

Your children are picky eaters.  You feel exhausted with this battle getting them to eat healthier foods and resort to unhealthy snacks from the grocery store.

You’re frustrated and feel this is a losing battle. In your heart you want to do the right thing for your children’s health. You have always had a strong connection to family and your love for your family is so very important to you. You strongly believe that it starts at home with your family and it includes snack time.  You don’t want to continue with unhealthy habits.

You have no time to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time. You wish there was an easier way. You have no idea what ingredients to use. You don’t know where to purchase healthy snack ingredients. You’re stressed juggling snack time for your children while trying to figure out getting dinner done for the family. At the same time, you’re thinking about work and managing your home and family. You feel overwhelmed thinking about it all.

You say to yourself “What am I going to do?”

Imagine being able to very easily provide your children and family with quick and easy healthy snacks. With your snack recipes, you’ll be able to shop in a snap. You’re feeling so excited knowing that you can easily shop and prepare these healthy snacks for your children. Your children will be surprised by how delicious the snacks you’ve made for them and you’re delighted knowing these healthy snacks are energizing and satisfying to them. You’re so happy to say goodbye to your picky eaters.

You have more time to do the other things in your life that are important to you due to the snack plan, which makes snack preparation a breeze. You never thought snack time for you and your children could feel so happy, stress-free and full of pleasant conversations.

Since your time is freed up at snack time, you don’t feel any stress around snack time. Your children are happier too and some of that time is spent in a more relaxed way helping your children with homework or attending their after-school activities. You feel you can easily transition from snack time into dinner time and easily spend the rest of the evening with your family.

This Is How We’ll Make It Work For You…

I’m a raw food coach for busy, overwhelmed women, who helps you incorporate raw food into quick and easy meals and snacks. I’ll help you get more time to get more time in your schedule to plan and prepare healthy and delicious snacks for your children and your family.

As a result of this program, you’ll…

  • Quickly and easily prepare delicious snacks for you and your family.
  • After you make these healthy snacks, you’ll have in your refrigerator grab-n-go snacks anytime.
  • Delight in your children’s energy knowing they’re well nourished and happy.
  • Increased time in your busy schedule to spend more quality time with your family.

This package includes:

Your Customized And Favorite Foods Questionnaire

You’ll receive a questionnaire so you’ll have the appropriate and healthy snack recipes customized for you keeping any food restrictions and preferences in mind.  Let’s be sure the ingredients suggested in the snack plan and recipes will be satisfying to your liking. Adhering to what you want will keep her wanting to create these snacks again and again!

Your Snack Plan Call

You’ll talk with me and confirm the food restrictions, food preferences and questions will be answered in regard to these.  You’ll give feedback during our discussion to determine and customize the types of snacks, savory and/or sweet that you prefer all based on your food restrictions and preferences. You get all the answers to your questions.

Fun Snack Time Plan

You’ll receive a digital snack plan with the shopping list of food ingredients, kitchen equipment and/or tools and any additional resources you may need such as how to store and how long to store the healthy snacks. You’ll get clear on how your snack plan will work at home, make it fun and a big success for you and your family!

Snack Time Success Calls

After one week, we’ll schedule and have a 15-minute phone call or email to check in to answer any questions and discuss challenges or obstacles with offers for solutions.

Once you have these snacks in your weekly routine, you’ll be doing this with your children for added fun and it will be so much quicker! You’ll always have me a phone call or email away to ask questions anytime!

PRICE: $99

Let’s Get Started!

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Make your payment here.

Step 2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prep work and instructions for booking your session.

Step 3. Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on your quick and easy healthy snacks.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, email me.

I learned from Rawjo a more healthy way of nourishing my body then I was hooked on raw food!.  Thank you Joanne for inspiring us all to eat fun, delicious and beautiful foods!

She clearly has a passion for enjoying and sharing raw food and from my experience her food is DIVINE! Be part of anything she does, you be glad you did!

Eva Rawposa

I was amazed and found raw food fascinating, delicious and a delightful way to liven up a boring menu.  Our family loved incorporating raw food into our diets. It was especially helpful to learn the why behind it, the benefits and nutritional value of each food.

Elena Goggin

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