You love all of these fresh and vibrant foods and see how easy you can incorporate them into the food you are already eating. How do I continue to use these raw food ingredients and recipes moving forward? When you plan ahead, you will find it so easy to grab and go!

Where Do I Find Raw Food Ingredients?

Most of your markets will have the fresh produce and easy to find ingredients for all of Rawjo’s recipes! One of my favorite places is at your local farmer’s market.

How Do I Keep My Raw Food Kitchen Stocked?

When I transitioned to a raw diet, I found that if had the ingredients needed to put a recipe together in a flash, it was so simple and easy! When you are planning your meals for the next day or week, make sure you get all your ingredients. For example, be sure to grab the fresh dill you will need for the Sunny Carrot Pate. It will make a difference in the flavor of your pate!

How Do I Find Time To Prepare Raw Food With My Busy Lifestyle?

You have a busy day tomorrow and you think there is no time to prepare just one recipe! Give your morning a little energy with my refreshing Tropical Pineapple Lime Smoothie! The night before put the ingredients in the pitcher of your high‐speed blender starting with the greens then followed by the fruit. Put the lid on and store in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, add ice and water and blend well. Now you have your healthy fast food to start your day with a boost of energy!

How Do I Prepare Raw Food When My Family Is Eating Differently?

Remember, these raw food recipes are to be incorporated into what you are already eating. Regardless what your dinner meal consists of, you can easily add any of Rawjo’s recipes! A scoop of the Sunny Carrot Pate can be added to your salad or you can accompany your salad with the Spinach Dip. If you are at a picnic or party, bring out the Creamy Spinach Dip with those mini carrots and watch it disappear!

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