Are you health conscious with a sophisticated palate and new or curious about raw food but not sure where to begin?

Do you lead a busy lifestyle and no time to expand your healthy and recipe library? Would you like to incorporate some easy raw food into your meals to better meet your nutritional and lifestyle goals?

I felt the same way. I am health conscious and loved simple and elegant food but didn’t know how to get started until I was faced with a health challenge.

For years, I was a Software Engineer where I had to put the software through tests to ensure that the customer would have a great user experience and now instead of doing that with software; I do it with Raw Food.

RAWJO-BeforeA few years back I was feeling sluggish, fatigued, and foggy. I had food and skin allergies and I was overweight. I felt like I was 20 years older than I really was. I really had to drag myself around. I went from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist but nothing worked until I radically changed my diet to help support my body in healing itself. My transition was radical and that’s when I got hooked on raw food.

But, the recipes that were out there were unappealing to me ‐ I grew up in an Italian/Greek household where food was the centerpiece of our lives. It was celebrated every day and my Mom was a phenomenal cook. Naturally, that’s where I developed my love of gourmet food.

I began scouring books, experts and vast array of resources to build a recipe library that not only serves and supports my nutritional needs but also tantalizes my taste buds and satisfies my need for love of my food.

Now, I help busy health conscious people with sophisticated palates how to incorporate, prepare easy, on the go, nutritious meals that tantalizes their taste buds, satisfies their need for love of their food and helps them meet their optimal lifestyle goals.

THIS IS WHY my clients like the clean, fresh, healthy raw food ingredients and recipes in my programs.